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1918 Influenza in Tampa

I have something for you. It’s educational and about the 1918 Spanish influenza in Tampa in October 1918 from the Tampa Tribune and the Tampa Times. Go to link below at my Microsoft OneDrive account and sort the items by Name to get the items in the correct order (the file names had a date ordering). Next click on the first item in the sorted by name order. This is the introduction. Finally click on the little letter “I” in a circle in the upper right-hand corner. If you are lucky, this will give you information about each image along with the text inside the image, which you can copy if you wish, as you move through the 55 items. To see the extracted text, you may need to scroll down in the info column on the right side of the screen. The items range from September into December of 1918. Finally, due to the size of some items, this would be better viewed on a computer instead of a phone. Then you can easily increase the size of what you are viewing.