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The Tampa PC Users Group Newsleters 1988 - 2020

This very large PDF file contains all the pages of all the newsletters published by the TPCUG from 1988 to 2020. It provides a good overview of the development of the desktop PC followed by the World wide Web.

The links below are to a very large file, about 1.124 GB.  So, it may take several minutes to download and display in your browser.  On my very fast 500 megabits/second service the download takes just over one minute. On a much slower connection, the download will take much longer. The first URL is at; the second is at OneDrive. At OneDrive it may not open automatically. Instead, you may have to choose the download option provided in the browser. There is a lot of PC history here, so be patient with the download.  And once it is download make sure you know where it is on your computer for future reference.

A little history: I joined the group in 1991, and I became newsletter editor in December 1995. So the newsletters from then through May 2017, when I ceased editing it, were easily available in acrobat PDF format. For the newsletters prior to that going back to 1988, many years ago I scanned them in, performed optical character recognition on them, and thus had PDF files that were text searchable. After I resigned the newsletter editorship in 2017, the newsletter continued in a reduced form until January 2020. All of those newsletters together produced 3,441 pages that I have combined into one very large acrobat PDF document that is searchable. For example, the word Microsoft occurs 3,944 times; IBM occurs 1,292 times; Apple occurs 355 times; Bill Gates occurs 59 times; finally LaMartin occurs 2,949 times. It is quite a history of personal computing. The link to all of this is at the following URL, which I have found to be easily viewable and searchable in Microsoft Edge:

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