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River Pilots sign

Pilottown, Louisiana 1946

In 1946, James E Kalshoven took a number of black and white photos of Pilottown, Louisiana while researching an article on the pilots of the lower Mississippi River. The article appeared in the September 7, 1946 issue of The Saturday Evening Post. The color photos in the article were taken by professional photographer, Frank Ross.

Pilottown has changed much in the past 60 plus years, due to both time and hurricanes, so the photos from 1946 may be of interest.  I have also included a reproduction of the magazine article titled River Royalty, with the last page giving a few details on Mr. Kalshoven.

In the slide show, Mr. Kalshoven is the gentleman on the right in slide 18 and his wife is the lady in slide 17.  All other individuals are unknown to me. I would welcome any names that others might provide. Contact me at the link below.

William LaMartin

River Royalty from The Saturday Evening Post, 9/12/1946