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Carlstrom Field WWI Photos

from the Photo Album of

Faith Raulerson Meserve

Below are links to 16 photos from a photo album kept by Faith Raulerson Meserve when she was a young woman. These particular photos are from a trip she made from Okeechobee to Carlstrom Air Field near Arcadia, Florida sometime around 1917 or 1918.  She would have been 22 or 23 years at the time. The captions in the album are Faith's.

A history of Carlson Field may be found in Wikipedia at

These photos were scanned by Bobbie Wilson from an album provided by Ellis Draughn.  I did not try to remove imperfections but did adjust the brightness, contrast and on some photos did a little sharpening.  Finally I reduced all to a uniform size of 800 pixels wide.

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The photos:

Scout ships at Carlstrom Field
Mechanics in a pyramid at Carlstrom Field
Mechanics in front of plane
Curtis planes
Carlstrom Field from the air
Dan standing by plane
Lt. Graham, Sgt. Joseph, Lt. Kimball, Mr. Austin standing beside plane
Four men beside plane: Sgt. Hawks,. Lt. Hall, Lt. Kimball, Sgt. Joseph
Plane wreck: "The pilot and mechanic were killed in this wreck"
A wrecked plane
Curtis planes in battle formation
Deep Lake taken from 700 feet
Men gathered in front and back of airplane. Captioned "Plane 3273. Lt. White"
Group of men and ladies standing between wing and tail of plane. Captioned "Yes, we all want to go up"
Plane in the air. Captioned " Lt. White leaving"
Wrecked airplane in field with palmettos