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William Amory Underhill 1910 - 1999


William Amory Underhill, 1910 - 1999, was my first cousin once removed, whom I considered more of an uncle than cousin since he was only two years older than my mother and a generation older than I. In my family, he was known as Amory, not William. Until I moved to Arlington, Virginia with my wife, Karen, in 1976 as a young adult, I had only met Amory once on a visit by him to my hometown of Okeechobee, Florida. But I had heard much about him over the years because he was one of the few people in my collection of relatives who had distinguished himself by leaving Okeechobee and the cattle business, moving with his mother and father, Martha Mable and Wilford Perry Underhill to DeLand where he was enrolled in and was graduated from Stetson University and later the Stetson Law School. His grandparents, William Michael and Lena Walker Alderman had previously moved to the area to live next to Cassadaga, since they had an interest in the Spiritualist movement prevalent there, as did Amory's parents.

Amory was held out to me as someone who transcended his Okeechobee roots to not only receive a college education but also a law degree followed by service in the Navy as a junior officer in WWII followed by the position of Assistant US Attorney General in the Truman Administration to be capped by many years as a successful lawyer in Washington, DC. It was at this later time that I visited him at his law office on K Street and at the Democratic Club on Capitol Hill for the five years I lived in the Washington, DC. Area. He was always gracious and kind to me as his young relative and exposed me to people and things I would not have otherwise seen. He would give me occasional advice but had harsh words for me once when I opined that the Stetson Law School could not possibly be of the same high caliber as the law school of a particular Ivy League university. His response was quite harsh, and I fear that his opinion of me never fully recovered. After my family moved from the DC suburbs to Tampa, Florida, on our occasional trips to or from the Carolinas we would stop in to visit with Amory in DeLand if he happened to be there instead of DC at the time. He was always gracious and made us feel welcome, usually taking us to dine at his favorite place there.

The material presented here is all thanks to the diligence of his secretary, Marsha Titus, during all his years as a lawyer in DC. She donated many of his papers to the Stetson University Library and organized some of the rest. What you see below is a small portion of that material passed on to me because of my relation to Amory and my interest in such things. And, I have decided to put some of the material here since others may find it interesting.

 A photo of Amory and my wife, Karen Kalshoven LaMartin, at the Shorham Hotel, Washington, DC, in April of 1976: Photo

William LaMartin 2017

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Basinger Church group c 1910
Basinger Fl School c 1914
Basinger gathering c 1906-1910
Basinger School
Basinger School 2
Basinger teacher with Alderman and Underhill children c 1914
Alderman Basinger home
Alderman Basinger home 2
Alderman Basinger home 3
Amory Underhill on fender of Ford 1914
Basinger Picnic 1906-1910
Wilford Underhill family at their Basinger well


Holmes and Underhill wholesale dealers in fresh meats
Two of Amory's postcards
Wilford Underhill 1918 Home Guard Discharge Certificate
Amory Underhill 8th grade report book
Amory Underhill 8th grade report book grades
Amory Underhill 8th grade report book promotion
Okeechobee High School 8th Grade Graduation Program c 1923
Okeechobee High School 8th Grade Class of 1923 Graduation invitation
Okeechobee High School graduating class of 1927
Okeechobee High School graduating class of 1927 Two
Graduation congratulations 1927
More graduation congratulations 1927
Underhill home in Okeechobee 1917
Underhill home in Okeechobee 1917 two
Okeechobee High baseball team 1926


Amory Underhill at Cassadaga hotel with Lena Alderman in back
Amory Underhill on right at Cassadaga Hotel
At Cassadaga, Amory Underhill and possibly the medium Maggie Waite
At Cassadaga 2, Amory Underhill and possibly the medium Maggie Waite
Cassadaga entrance from contact print
Cassadaga entrance 2 from contact print
Cassadaga Hotel Inspection License for 1932-1933
Cassadaga Hotel, Sign for Mrs Maggie Waite nationaly known medium
Colby Memorial Temple at Cassadaga
Gathering at Colby Memorial Temple
George Dimick and dog at Cassadaga
Group at Cassadaga with George Colby thrid from the left
Maud Lord Drake, a medium
Street Scene Cassadaga
Lady with lake in background at Cassadaga
Cassadaga Group
Cassadaga Group 2
Cassadaga Post Office
Cassadaga Schedule 1942
Cassadaga Willing Workers
Cassadaga Entrance
Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Early Photo
Colby Memorial Temple
Chautauqua at Cassadaga 1
Chautauqua at Cassadaga 2

Family at Cassadaga

A Poem - The Alderman Home in Cassadaga
Alderman Home just outside Cassadaga
Amory Underhill and William Alderman, Cassadaga ca 1942 - 46
Chickens in Alderman orange grove
Dimick business card
Dimick business card back with note to Amory
Spiritualist Membership cards
William and Lena Alderman Spirit Photo
Cassadaga Season Ticket


Spirit Cards (communication with the deceased via a medium) with transcriptions

Spirit Card 10
Spirit Card 11
Spirit Card 12
Spirit Card 13
Spirit Card 14
Spirit Card 15
Spirit Card 16
Spirit Card 17
Spirit Card 18
Spirit Card 19
Spirit Card 20
Spirit Card 21
Spirit Card 22
Spirit Card 23
Spirit Card 23 Rotated
Spirit Card 24
Spirit Card 25
Spirit Card 26
Spirit Card 27
Spirit Card 28
Spirit Card 29
Spirit Card 30
Spirit Card 31
Spirit Card 32
Spirit Card 33


Lily Dale, New York

Amory Undehil and friend at Lily Dale
Amory Underhill at Lily Dale
South Street in Lily Dale card
Group photo at Lily Dale
Writing on Maplewood stationary
Envelope for the Maplewood, Lily Dale
Card showing auditorium from Lily Dale sent to Mrs T C Beravers in July 1933
Back of card from Lily Dale sent to Mrs T C Beravers in July 1933
Card from Lily Dale showing Maplewood Hotel sent to Mrs T C Beravers in August 1933
Back of card from Lily Dale sent to Mrs T C Beravers in August 1933
Lily Dale Underhill Tickets

Department of Justice

1951 US Dept of Justice, AG J Howard McGrath, Amory Underhill lf row and J Edgar Hoover,FBI director, left of Center
Amory Underhill in color in his office
1951 US Dept of Justice, First Assistant to the Deputy AG, william Amory Underhill, Pearl lderman and grandparents William and Lena Alderman, others unknown
At the Justice Department, Amory Underhill with his maternal aunt Willa Pearl Alderman and his grandparents William and Lena Alderman of Cassadaga Florida
Presidential Appointment William Amory Underhil, Assistant Attorney Gen, Lands Divisionl and Attoreny General James Howard McGrath
William amory Underhil, Assistant Attorney Gen, Lands Divisionl and Attoreny General James Howard McGrath
Resignation letter from Amory Underhill 1952
Letter from President Harry Truman July 5, 1952
Signed letter from J Edgar Hoover July 9, 1952
Signed letter and envelope from Clyde Tolson July 7, 1952
Signed letter from James Patrick McGranery, Attorney General, June 20, 1952
Biographical Information for William Amory Underhill

Politics and Friends

Carl Albert, Speaker of the House, and Amory Underhill
Amory Underhill, Congressmenn Syd Herlong and Claud Pepper
Senator Henry (Scoop) Jackson and Amory Underhill
John McCormic, Speaker of the House, Congressman Syd Herlong and Amory Underhill
1983 Birthday party amory, Robert Sykes, unknown and Claud Pepper
1983 Birthday party amory, Robert Sykes, unknown and Lawton Chiles
Amory Underhill and Governor Bob Graham at the Breakers, Florida Council of 100, May 1984
Amory Underhill at the Fla Council of 100 at the Breakers in 1984
Amory Underhill speaking at the Florida Council of 100, the Breakers, May 1984
Amory Underhill and Richard Pope, April 1973
Letter from Robert Sykes accompanying photos of 1983 birthday parfty for Amory
President JFK visiting Kerr ranch in Potau, OK Minox cmaero photo taken by Amory dated Nov 1961
Photo 2 of President JFK visiting Kerr ranch in Potau, OK Minox camera photo taken by Amory dated Nov 1961
Thank you note from Alice O'Donnell , Chambers of Justice Tom C Clark
Sports Writers 1973 Dinner, NYC
Florida Council of 100 1971 Meeting
Florida Council of 100 1971 at the Breakers
Florida Council of 100 Meeting 1977 at Ponte Vedra
R F Raidle, Claude Kirk and Amory Underhill
Mae West Christmas Card
Photo of Mae West enclosed with Christmas Card
1972 Christmas card from Bud Dickison Family
1972 Christmas card from Mildred and Claud Pepper
1974 Christmas Card from Albert and Virginia Johnson
1974 Christmas Card from Oral Evelyn Roberts
1975 Card from Frances and Mitchell Wolfson


Harry Truman signed two dollar bill
At Bill's Gay 90s restaurant 57 East 54th Street, NYC
Stork Club, NYC
Stork Club back
US House of Representatives Menu October 16, 1951
Voter registrations 1941
Automobile registrations
State Democratic Executative Committee of Florida for 1938
The Roseda and the Lillie at Kissimmee
The Roseda steamboat kissimmee
Shipping probably citrus on the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad

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