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These photos, although some are outside of the Okeechobee area, have a tie to Okeechobee and its early pioneers as explained in the individual photo captions.

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bartow street-t.jpg (4750 bytes) diston land agency bartow-t.jpg (5514 bytes) fort blount marker-t.jpg (9336 bytes) streaty parker orange grove-t.jpg (8549 bytes)
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small_boats_t.jpg (4826 bytes) bartow_school_1858_t.jpg (5072 bytes) fort_pierce_looking_n_on_pine1908_t.jpg (8572 bytes) fort_pierce_pier1908_t.jpg (3905 bytes)
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geroge_conner_home1906t.jpg (13685 bytes) Fort Pierce Panorama 1926


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