Okeechobee Florida

from the air


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Okeechobee 1964 -1965

The images were made from color slides taken in 1964 - 1965.  In some the colors are a bit off due either to age, incorrect exposure, or taking the photo into the sun.  In retrospect I regret not having close-ups of some now missing buildings: the Southland Hotel, the homes at the present Bank America site, and the Markham Brothers Canning Plant. The Pilot was Fain Conley. This photo was taken in May, 1964.

High aerial of Okeechobee looking north west from just north of Lake Okeechobee. Prominent features are Taylor Creek and the airport. 1964
North West Okeechobee looking west with US 441 in foreground, the Southland Hotel lower left, courthouse in the center and Flagler Park along the left. 1964
Courthouse looking east, southeast with the Methodist Church next, then the Ford dealership, and finally the Southland Hotel in the upper center. 1965
Looking south.   Another high aerial photo looking south along 441 toward lake Okeechobee. 1964
School grounds from over 441 south looking west.  1964
Taylor Creek looking south toward the lake.  Okeechobee Estates is on the left.  SE Fourth Street is the street with the median in the lower part of the photo. 1964
SW 10th Street is the street to the left and the one curving around the small orange grove is SW 9th Street.   US 441 South is just out of view at the bottom of the photograph, and SW 3rd Avenue runs horizontally through the middle of the photo. The view is to the west. 1964
Old football field looking west with South 441 just out of sight at the bottom of the photo. SW 16th Street is to the left of the football field.  SW 3rd Avenue runs horizontally through the middle of the photo. The new library is now located on the west half of the field. Old meat packing  plant is to the left of the field.1964
Intersection of US 441 and Seaboard Coast Line Railroad tracks at bottom center.  The depot is just above the row of trees to the right of the track. The petroleum tanks at bottom center are those of Gilbert Oil and the ones on the lower left are Wherrell Oil. 1964
Rodeo arena on North US 441. 1964
Part of the forty acre hammock at the NE corner of the intersection of  SW 24th Avenue and SW 28 Street (Wolff Rd.) before the establishment of Oak Lake subdivision on the northern part of the site.1964
Railroad overpass on Hwy 70 East. 1964
Cypress Quarters, east of Taylor Creek and north of Hwy 70. 1964
Flagler Park looking east with Hwy 70 running vertically just to the left of the park. The Southland Hotel is in the center and to the left of Hwy 70 and the intersection with US 441.  The swimming pool and City Hall are just above the park area.  A small portion of the courthouse roof can be seen in the lower left corner. 1965
High aerial looking east. Intersection of Taylor Creek and Hwy 70 is just a little to left of center. Cypress quarters is on the left side and two-thirds of the way up.  The clay baseball diamond is on the west side of the school grounds. 1964
The Kissimmee River at Lake Okeechobee. The new bridge in the photo is under construction. 1965
The Pilot, Fain Conley, May, 1964.

For Okeechobee Courthouse Reconstruction Project:

Courthouse looking west 1965 Detail
Courthouse looking southeast 1965 Detail

Note the signs of fungus growing on the color slides from which the above images were made.
Courthouse in 1926, front view