Willoughby Whidden
1836 - 1922

- Compiled by Bobbie Wilson -

Willoughby Whidden, son of Noel and Rebecca (Vickers) Whidden was born November 5, 1836 in Columbia County, Florida. The Whidden family had moved to Hillsborough County and are shown on the 1850 and 1860 census there, with Willoughby age 24 in the 1860 census.

He married Susan Candacy Durrance, daughter of William Hutto and Sarah (Robertson) Durrance on February 14, 1868 in Polk County as recorded in Marriage Book A Page 23. (The Bible record shows February 20, 1868) She was born October 14, 1848 in Columbia County.

Willoughby Whidden, Jr. is shown along with Noah Whidden in Captain Leroy G Lesley's Company in the Seminole War of 1856 SOLDIERS OF FLORIDA. In his claim for a pension from his Confederate Service Willoughby stated that he served in the Indian War of 1856.

Willoughby and Susan Whidden and their family are shown on the 1880, 1895, 1900, 1910 and 1920 census of Polk County. They were living in Bradley in 1920.

Willoughby Whidden served in Company K which was later garnished into the 4th Fla. Regular Infantry under Captain John T. Lesley. He was captured by the Union soldiers in December 1864 and was in a military prison until the close of the war.

Records from the Adjutant General's office in Washington DC dated July 7, 1921 showed that Willoughby Whidden, Private in Captain Lesley's Company 4, Reg. Fla. Inft. (subsequently became Company K 4th Reg. Fla. Inf.) ;enlisted October 24, 1861 at Shaw's Point.; Pris. of War Record shows he was captured at Stone River Dec. 7, 1864; Transfered to Camp Chase, Ohio, Jan. 9, 1865. He subscribed to the Oath of Allegiance at Camp Chase Ohio, June 12, 1865.

Willoughby Whidden originally filed for a pension for his military service on May 4, 1908 stating he was over 72 years of age and not able to earn a living. His post office address was Mulberry, Fla. He stated that he was born Feb 5, 1836 Columbia County. He enlisted in1861 Tampa, in Company K commanded by Capt. John T. Lesley, afterwards garnished into the 4th Fla. Reg. Infantry. C. W. Hendry was his captain at time of discharge. At time of enlistment Col. Benjamin Hopkins was regimental commander. He couldn't say who the regimental commander was at the time of the war due to being in prison for the last 5 months of the war. The pension was approved June 25, 1908 in the amount of $120 per annum by the pension department.

Willoughby filed a later Soldiers pension claim on July 8, 1921. HIs file number is A08575. Willoughby stated he was born Feb. 5, 1836 in Columbia County and he was 85 years old. He also stated that he enlisted at Tampa July 1861 ( and later) in Company K 4th Florida Regiment, Confederate States Service. and remained until released from prison Camp Chase, Ohio at the close of the War. He said that he served in the Indian War of 1856. His home was listed as Bradley Junction Polk County, Florida. This claim was signed July 8, 1921. The amount of $300.00 per anum was approved August 10, 1921 by the Florida Comptrollers Office.

Willoughby Whidden died February 2, 1922 in Bradley, Polk County. He was buried in Bethlehem Cemetery, Polk County, Florida.

Susan filed a claim for a pension on Willoughby service as his widow on February 15, 1922 which is File A02376. She stated that she lived at Bradley Junction, Florida and was the lawful widow of Willoughby Whidden. The pension was approved May 1, 1922 by the Florida Comptrollers Office.

Susan C. Whidden died November 3, 1922 in Polk County, Florida and is buried in Bethlehem Cemetery, Polk County, Florida.