Will of Walter Blount of Astley, 1561

Contributed by Gillian Palmer

(Original manuscript at Worcester County Record Office, County Hall, Worcester, England. Manuscript is delicate and damaged).

1. ... the yeare of our lord god ... I Walter Blount of Astley in the
2. ... of good and perfect rem ... & prayse be Unto almighty god
3. ... begin any ... no manner & forme ... that Is to saye
4. ... and make & deliver and my body to be honestly buryed in
5. ... god & for ... Item I do give & bequeathe to
6. ... ...all surtys dettes & duties as I do
7. ... and payment by my executors therefore ... will is ...
8. ... First, I do give and bequeathe unto Francis Blount my second son
9. as farme of Whitstone with the payment of ... was previously called a ...
10. ... gyve ... for certyn yeares by that the said Francis sh...
11. & lye modestly upon my the full term
12. dispose of my last ... paying therefore yearly ... some if it be
13. ... of the no.. of Saint John Baptist ... shall
14. person or persons but to his brother Robert only. And if he ... shall be at
15. his gyft to be as voyde & of non effect. Also I do gyve & bequeathe unto the...
16. & bequeathe unto Richard Blount my sone an annuitie or annuatt rent of Astley
17. hym his liffe other of my farme of Whitstone aforesaid within yeare
18. at Robert my sone immediately after my deythe shall make unto the said Richard a sufficient
19. of ... of my said forms within a claim of distress .. for the non payment then of ... within
20 Item I do give & bequeathe unto Isabell my daughter to make her      preferment in marriage finely
21 ...wylle is that she shall be ruled & gaveruyd (governed?) in her marriage by my wyffe & Robert her son. Item
22 Robert my eldest son all my farm taking & terms in years ... I give yette some of & in the fa...
23. aforesaid with his appurtenance etc. & ... & ...the pastures called Blackpole with before
24. ... my sons and also all my right bills ... & terms of yeares which I have  yette some ... of
25. ... ... & of & in one medowe lying nowe before called the lee & the lee rolls upon this
26. that he shall provide & suffice it shall be my wyffe to ... before & in ways the moytis is
27. of the said farme of Whitstone & other the premisses jointly with the said Robert for &
28. ... on beginning the the right one & half of all such rents & other yearly charges
29. ... of premisses and my part therein In yearly charges which shall be. Should the said Robert fortune to dye
30. & gave no Issue of his body lawfully bigoten then I wylle that the said farme of Whitstones on all
31. legacies before to hym ... gyve shall fully & legally remayne to Francis my sons. And of his f...
32. god for ... befor he is married & has no issue of his body lawfully bigoten then my will is that the
32a. ... ...& all other the prises shall remayne unto Richard my son Joyse Hall Elizabeth Wynford
33. be equally & indifferently divided & apportioned among the ... all such tyme & terms of y...
34. ... & ... then by foers of my Souells prefer... then PROVIDED always & this is my... ... wylle
35. my deathe all & singular cattels (sic) what so ....they shall be praysed by the Justices
36. ... favourably by my executors for the ... & ... preferment thereof albt of the which my wyll is that...
37. payed or disposed Also my wylle is that Isabell my wyffe shall occupy & keep this house for & during
38. her lyffe & after her decease all implements of household & all other things wich she hath by reason of this my...
39. ...remayne holy to Robert my sone. And the residue of my yarde not bequeathed my dettes & legacies
40. ...discharged & payed I do gyve & bequeathe to Isabell my wyffe & to Robert my son & Richard Hall my son...
41 order to be my true & lawfull executors to see me honestly brought home & this my last wyll to be swiftly paid
42. ...to true means & ... thereof And I do by these presents revoke & adnull all former legacies & testaments &
43. ... heretofore made in any ways: And for the more perfect knowledge of this my last wylIe & testament the
44. ...by this my above hand. And the aforesaid Richard Hail is contentydly to take for this payment
45. & to make no manner of claymes nor title in non ... other parting or part of all my ... goodes and cattels by
46. but to be a spershall frynd & ... to the other my executors in all such benefices as is
47. ...Sir John Taylor person of Astley or Alan Ciyffe person of Meyttley(Martley?) Willing hym with other...
51. Latin wigors xvlij o die mensis noembris Anno Dn 1561 o rosa miro & homapoved iegii doctox habit & gibers Jubertaxim rifra fello natimitatedni.


The date of the will is apparently 1557 but was probated on November 18, 1561, following Walter's death on October 3, 1561.


Inventory Walter Blount Armiger defunct

[ Note: li = pounds, sh = shillings, d = pence, and i =1, v = 5, x = 10, l = 50 and j = 1 are the usual Roman numerals ]

Imprimis in the hall one table boarde a fowrme no th (number of the?) a payre of evefilles and hangings prise  xiii sh ijj d
Item in the parler 1 turn table one fowrme & viij quishins no th a payre of Awndyrons & chests  liij sh iij d
Item in the second parler j table boarde no th a carpet & a fowrme iij sh iii d
Item in the same parler: j standing bedd j lone bedde with ij fether bedde & a flock bedde & iiij bolsters iij pillows iij blankets ij coverings j of tapestery woorke & the other of whom making viij li
Item in the same parler vj coffers xiij sh iiij d
Item in the third parler j square table ij fowrmes iii sh iiij d
Item iiij cheyers no th a closse stoolle, a standinge cubbord & j coffer xij sh
Item j standinge bedde no testeur & curtens j fether bedde & a flocke bedde j bolster/ij pillowes/ a payre of blankets & a coverings iij li vi sh vij d
Item hanginge in the same parler/ xiij sh lij d
Item in the same parler a payre of ... v sh
Item in j chamber a standinge bedde no testerne & curtens/ a fether bedde, a bolster ij pillowes: a payre of blankets/ a covering of tapestery vj li
Item in the same chamber a cheyre/a round table no th hanging off...greene saye and wedde xxvi sh iij d
Item in j other chamber a fether bedde a bolster j blanket/a covering of saye ij chestes with hanging of greene saye to same chamber x li vj sh vj d
Item in one other chamber a standing bedd no testerne & curtens a fether bedde j bolster a pillow/ a payre of blankets/ a covering of tapestery woorke iij li vj sh viij d
Item hanging to the same chamber with a chest a cheyre & j other fether bedde iij pyllowes and a covering of tapestery & a frilly...standing in the same chamber lij sh viij d
Item in one other chamber a fether bedde a bolster j payre of blankets a covering of redd saye no the hanging to the same chamber & a chest of Cypers xxxiij sh iij d
Item in one other chamber one standinge bedde a fether bedd a bolster a pillow j payre of blankets a covering no th hangings to the same chamber iij li xviij sh iij d
Item in one other chamber a fether bedd j bolster ij pillows a covering of redde saye no th hanging & to the same chambe xl sh
Item in one other chamber ij flocke bedde ij bolsters ij pillows j coverette xx sh
Item in one other chamber a flocke bedde & a bolster v sh
Item in one other chamber ij flocke bedde iij bolsters & j blankett viij sh iij d
Item Item xv candels (?) xxv sh
Item in the malt chamber iij quarters off malt ij quarters of barley malt & ij of dredge xlj sh viij d
Item talows xxvj sh viij d
Item x sticke of salt xiij sh iij d
Item fethers & whiles xiij sh iij d
Item ij sticke off wheat iij d
Item xv couple of salt sticke xl d
Item comper ware xxvi sh viij d
Item v brothes ij rackes iij payre of poot hookes a goodyway no th iij driping panes xxvij sh viij d
Item a brason poote iij posendts a chasene/a brasosn morter no th a iron pestall iij li
Item iij brason panes vi brason cathornes ij brandwants xx li
Item xxj platers xlij li
Item x potingers xiij sh iij d
Item xvx sansons & farming driftes
Item ij basons and a receivers no th iij old dyshes viij sh
Item vj candle stickes & j plate candlesticke
Item xviij payre of flaxon sheetes vi sh
Item viij payre of hempen sheetes viij sh viij d
Item viij payre of nogyn sheetes viij sh
Item ij dyeper meat clothes & no th flaxon meat clothes iij sh
Item v towelles, and eight pillow busrs xx sh
Item viij table napkins  iij sh
Item j standlige cup of sylver and golde ij bowles of sylver and golde, j boule of sylver, ij goblet of sylver and gold no th j cover one salt of sylver & gold, no th a cover & j other salt of sylver & gold one spon of sylver & gold & xiiij of sylver lxxiij li
Item j cheine of gold & iij ringe xxxj li
Item his apparrell x li
Item iiij costumes of velvet imbrothered with golde & ij of selke xxx li
Item vi payre of almoy... , ij jackes & a pomyplate coote iij li vj sh
Item iij stases for hoursing, a pole axe, ij berinnge billes,iij black bllles xiii
Item I yron & iij cupboards with j racke lvi sh
Item vj sarkes for corne vj sh
Item iij saddles, iij bridilles xxxiii sh iiij d
Item iij thousand of woode iij sh
Item ij axes, ij billes, ij shovilles & a spade v sh
Item iij bales of flaxe x sh
Item viij oxen xx li
Item vj fatt beast x li
Item x kyne & a bull xvij li
Item ix small beast ix li
Item x stoce sheepe & x old sheepe xxx li
Item xxviij swyne v li xiij sh iij d
Item v hundred strikes of rye  j li
Item hey vij li
Item a hundred strikes of barley v li xvj sh viij d
Item iij stoce strikes of malt courne iij li
Item waynes, plankes & all that belongeth them unto Item iij geldings, a mare & a colt
Item all kind of pultery
Item iij swannes x sh


praysed by Walter James
                   ? Astons                                            Sm total cccxxxx li
                   ? Courazyes
                  Richard Hague

The ? of Whitstone cc li (?)
The ------- c li
The ------- --- xxx li (?)
The ... Astley (?) wodde x li

                                                                       Gr total ccccccccxxxvi li xvj d