Descendants of James Tumblin


Generation No. 1


1. JAMES1 TUMBLIN was born 1783 in Georgia, and died November 10, 1859 in Bluff Creek, Florida. He married JANE HARDEE May 3, 1819 in Glynn County, Georgia.


James Tumblin was born in 1793 in Georgia according to the 1850 census of Columbia County,Florida. He married Jane Hardee May 3, 1819 in Glynn County, Ga. Jane was born in 1803 in Ga. as stated on the same census. In the 1885 agricultural census for Florida in Brevard county, she stated that she and both her parents were born in North Carolina. So her birthplace is not clear. James stated he was a farmer. Jane Tumblin is shown on the 1860 Columbia County census with two children at home and is farming. On the 1850 census the son James was born in Fla and the next four children were born in Georgia but Samuel was born in Fla, and Seletta was born in Ga. This would show that the family moved between Ga and Florida.

The records of the Bethel Primitive Baptist Church of Echols County, Georgia, show that on Sunday , February 12, 1844 Brother James Tumblen and Sister Jane Tumblen presented letters from Mill Creek Church, Nassau County, Florida. It not being regularly constituted, they were received upon a confession of faith. Sister Saletea Tumblen was received on the covenant. In a list of members with no date (appearing between July 1844 and August records, Saletey Tumblen was dismissed and Jane Tumblin -- Letter. In a list of members in June 1849, it shows James Tumblin was dismissed.

Jane Tumblin applied for a widows pension for the War of 1812, in which she said, that the family moved to Florida in 1824. She stated that James died in 1859 and was buried at Bluff Creek. She stated in the pension application that she and her husband lived one year in Glynn County, Georgia after they were married. They lived in Camden, Georgia until 1824. They came to Florida and have resided in Nassau, Columbia, Baker, Clay and Brevard Counties since. The pension was turned down for lack of proof that James Tumblin served in the War of 1812. Jane stated that he enlisted in 1814 for 160 days in the company of Captain H. Loudes in the Georgia Volunteers. After James Tumblin's death, Jane lived in New River County in 1860, moving to Sanderson Post Office, Clay County before the 1870 census, where she is shown as head of the household with her daughter Jane Harvey and three children living with her. Her son, John Hardee Tumblin is living next to her and is a farmer.

In the middle 1870's Jane Tumblin and several of her children moved south to the area west of the St. Johns River and east of the Kissimmee River in Brevard County, in the area of present day Kenansville. In the 1880 census, Jane Tumblin and her daughter Jane Harvey and sons are in one household farming and stock raising. Close by is her son J H Tumblin and family, daughter Martha Walker and her husband Jeremiah and family, daughter Seletta Johns and her husband Bart Johns and family. She also states in that census that she was born in Ga, her father in SC and her mother in Ga. Jane is found again in the 1885 agriculture census for Brevard County and says she is age 82 and a farmer with her daughter Jane Harvey and her sons living with her. She had 10 acres of tilled land, 30 acres woodland valued ar $200, 1 horse and 5 cows valued at $200 and 20 other livestock. This is the last reference for Jane Tumblin.

Children of JAMES TUMBLIN and JANE HARDEE are:

2. i. WILLIAM WASHINGTON2 TUMBLIN, b. August 7, 1821, Georgia; d. May 8, 1903, Bradford County, Florida.

ii. JAMES H TUMBLIN, b. 1830, Florida.

iii. ELIZABETH A TUMBLIN, b. 1834, Georgia.

3. iv. REBEUN JANE TUMBLIN, b. June 1837, Georgia; d. 1906, Osceola County, Florida.

4. v. JOHN HARDEE TUMBLIN, b. 1838, Georgia; d. 1885, Florida.

5. vi. MARTHA M TUMBLIN, b. September 15, 1840, Georgia; d. January 23, 1924, Okeechobee, Florida.

vii. SAMUEL W TUMBLIN, b. 1842, Georgia; d. June 19, 1864, Richmond, Virginia; m. MARTHA DOUGHERTY.

6. viii. SELETTA MELIA TUMBLIN, b. May 1847, Florida; d. Abt. 1915, Nittaw, Osceola County, Florida.



Generation No. 2


2. WILLIAM WASHINGTON2 TUMBLIN (JAMES1) was born August 7, 1821 in Georgia, and died May 8, 1903 in Bradford County, Florida. He married SELETA UNKNOWN Abt. 1842.


i. MARTHA A3 TUMBLIN, b. 1843, Georgia.

ii. MARY A J TUMBLIN, b. 1846, Georgia.

iii. WILLIAM H TUMBLIN, b. 1848, Florida.

iv. FRANKLIN PIERCE TUMBLIN, b. August 1854, Florida; d. April 1873, Bradford County, Florida.

v. DELLA MARY TUMBLIN, b. 1860, Florida; d. 1937, Bradford County, Florida; m. H EDWARD LAGERGREN.

3. REBEUN JANE2 TUMBLIN (JAMES1) was born June 1837 in Georgia, and died 1906 in Osceola County, Florida. She married JAMES A HARVEY.


i. MARY JANE3 HARVEY, b. 1858, Florida; d. Bet. 1870 - 1880, Florida.

ii. JOHN JACKSON HARVEY, b. February 18, 1859, New River County, Florida; d. September 28, 1938, Kenansville, Florida; m. SUSAN REBECCA BRANNON, August 21, 1888, Brevard County, Florida.

iii. JAMES ANDREW HARVEY, b. March 1862, Florida; d. Kenansville, Florida; m. (1) MARY G STRICKLAND, June 26, 1890, Kissimmee, Florida; m. (2) ADA FERTIC, 1899, Osceola County, Florida.

4. JOHN HARDEE2 TUMBLIN (JAMES1) was born 1838 in Georgia, and died 1885 in Florida. He married MARY EVELYN RHODEN.

Children of JOHN TUMBLIN and MARY RHODEN are:

i. JAMES BUCHANAN3 TUMBLIN, b. June 1857, Georgia; d. 1918, Osceola County, Florida; m. REBECCA ADELINE SELLERS, 1882, Florida.

ii. ADALINE TUMBLIN, b. 1859, Florida; m. WILLIS A HALL.

iii. SARAH ANN TUMBLIN, b. 1862, Florida; m. JOSEPH F WILLIAMS.


5. MARTHA M2 TUMBLIN (JAMES1) was born September 15, 1840 in Georgia, and died January 23, 1924 in Okeechobee, Florida. She married JEREMIAH WALKER, JR September 22, 1858 in Bluff Creek, Baker County, Florida, son of JEREMIAH WALKER and NANCY DOWLING.


i. NANCY JANE3 WALKER, b. July 3, 1859, New River County, Florida; d. March 15, 1944, Punta Gorda, Florida (buried); m. (1) JOHN J PADGETT, Abt. 1884; m. (2) GLENN CREWS, December 2, 1900, DeSoto County, Florida.

ii. SARAH ANN WALKER, b. September 5, 1860, New River County, Florida; d. Abt. 1935, Lakeland, Fl; m. PAGE L HALL, 1878, Florida.

iii. JAMES SAMUEL WALKER, b. April 25, 1862, Baker County, Florida; d. January 28, 1940, Okeechobee, Florida; m. BERTHA SLAGIER PARKER, June 25, 1885, Brevard County, Florida.

iv. JOHN HARDY WALKER, b. January 5, 1864, Baker County, Florida; d. October 28, 1949, Okeechobee Florida; m. (1) ELLEN ADELINE UNDERHILL, 1890; m. (2) ESTHER LAMARTIN, July 24, 1911, Osceola County, Florida.

v. JOSEPH MILTON WALKER, b. April 14, 1866, Green Cove Springs, Florida; d. April 22, 1948, Delray Beach, Florida; m. RACHEL FERNETTA UNDERHILL, November 11, 1888.

vi. WILLIAM FRANK WALKER, b. July 26, 1868, Baker County, Florida; d. November 29, 1951, Okeechobee, Florida; m. MARY EMMA UNDERHILL, March 27, 1892, Osceola County, Florida.

vii. GEORGE WASHINGTON WALKER, b. February 4, 1870, Clay County, Florida; d. April 30, 1943, Okeechobee, Florida; m. (1) JANE NOBLES, June 10, 1888; m. (2) MARY RHODA THOMAS, 1892; m. (3) ELLEN WILLIAMS, Aft. 1913; m. (4) NANCY L THOMAS, December 17, 1919; m. (5) NANCY LOUISE PRESCOTT, January 6, 1930, Okeechobee , Florida.

viii. LOUIS HAMPTON WALKER, b. March 31, 1872, Clay County, Florida; d. February 12, 1945, Okeechobee , Florida; m. (1) MARTHA ANNA RAULERSON, December 13, 1896, Florida; m. (2) MAY STEVENS, November 3, 1919, Okeechobee , Florida.

ix. LENA WALKER, b. October 22, 1874, Florida; d. December 1, 1956, Deland, Florida; m. WILLIAM MICHAEL ALDERMAN, February 20, 1893, Florida.

x. MARTHA MANDA WALKER, b. April 7, 1877, Brevard County, Fl; d. October 28, 1953, Okeechobee , Florida; m. ROBERT LEE PEARCE, November 3, 1891, Florida.

xi. MARY ELLA WALKER, b. March 12, 1879, Brevard County, Fl; d. February 11, 1961, Okeechobee , Florida; m. JOHN EDWARD ALDERMAN, January 12, 1898, Florida.

xii. LOUANNA WALKER, b. May 21, 1882, Whittier, Brevard Co. Florida; d. December 17, 1965, Okeechobee , Florida; m. JOSEPH SHADRACK UNDERHILL, October 14, 1897, Osceola County, Florida.

6. SELETTA MELIA2 TUMBLIN (JAMES1) was born May 1847 in Florida, and died Abt. 1915 in Nittaw, Osceola County, Florida. She married WILLIAM BARTLEY JOHNS August 4, 1861 in Sanderson, Baker County, Florida.


i. LOUISA JANE3 JOHNS, b. November 1, 1864, Baker County, Florida; d. April 4, 1949, Kenansville, Florida; m. JOHN H BAISDEN, December 10, 1891, Osceola County, Florida.

ii. LEWIS S JOHNS, b. October 13, 1866, Baker County, Florida; d. June 9, 1935, Osceola County, Florida; m. LOUISE WEBB, September 4, 1895, Osceola County, Florida.

iii. REUBEN S JOHNS, b. August 1870, Baker County, Florida; d. 1906, Osceola County, Florida; m. JOSEPHINE BRACK, December 24, 1891, Osceola County, Florida.

iv. WILLIAM HARDY JOHNS, b. June 22, 1873, Baker County, Florida; d. July 6, 1953; m. CREECY WILLIAMS, June 30, 1894, Osceola County, Florida.

v. MARTHA AMANDA JOHNS, b. October 4, 1874, Baker County, Florida; d. November 25, 1945, Kenansville, Florida; m. AUGUSTUS EVERETT BASS, January 25, 1892, Osceola County, Florida.

vi. MARY ANNA JOHNS, b. 1879, Osceola County, Florida; m. ARNOLD BASS, December 14, 1893.

vii. NELLA D JOHNS, b. March 9, 1880, Osceola County, Florida; d. September 22, 1932, Osceola County, Florida; m. ELMER BASS, April 9, 1911, Osceola County, Florida.

viii. RILEY JOHNS, b. September 25, 1883, Osceola County, Florida; d. August 1, 1911, Florida; m. BETSY JANE YOUNG, May 3, 1906, Osceola County, Florida.