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Parker & Blount in Florida 


Virginia W. Westergard and Kyle S. Van Landingham


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John Parker of Sampson Co., NC, is the earliest member of the Parker family to whom we have definitely been able to trace our line. He was born about 1725 and married Rachel Sessums, daughter of Nicholas and Elizabeth Sessums, about ]750. Nicholas Sessums of Edgecombe Co., NC., lists in his Will, dated May 28, 1764, and probated, Oct. Ct. 1764, his wife Elizabeth, to whom he gave the use of his whole estate during her lifetime, his sons Thomas, who received furniture, "my wearing clothes, ; my still, ; my orchard, horse and mare for use on plantation " William, who received 100 acres of land Nicholas, Jr., who was named Executor and received the "whole of my estate after my wife’s decease also to take care of his younger brother Thomas Sessums." Nicholas named his daughters Elizabeth Duffield, Rachel Parker, Lurana Dunn, Ann Dunn, and Sarah Marley, each to receive five shillings.

John Parker was witness to a deed from Osborne Jeffreys to Nicholas Sessums, dated Oct. 2, 1744 for land on "West side of Tar River joining to Northside of Town Creek." John Porter sold Samuel Sessums " a tract of land on Tycanoky Swamp, joining Henry Clark, a branch and the swamp,' Jan. a, 3755 John Parker witnessed the deed along with Nicholas Sessums and Richard Sessums. John Parker's residence in Edgecombe County was "on or near Tyancoke Swamp," according to Eleanor D. McSwain. She states that "Tyancoke Creek was sometimes called "Cockey Swamp." The creek was a very long one finally flowing into Town Creek and emptying into the Tar River."

John and Rachel (Sessums) Parker were living in Bladen Co., NC., in 1753 at the time of their son John's birth. John Parker received numerous land grants from the State of North Carolina for land in that portion of Duplin County that became Sampson County in 1784. The first tax list of Sampson Co., taken in 1784, lists John, William, Nicholas and Francis Parker. They owned 1010 acres of land.

The minutes of the County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of Sampson Co., contain interesting data about John Parker and his sons. The following items were taken from Minute Book 1793-1800:

Court, Nov. 10, 1794: Ordered that Nicholas Parker be overseer of the river leading from John Parker, Senr. to Stephen Becks plantation and likewise to the road where Thomas Frasher was overseer of and that John Parker Senrs hands, Thomas Owens, Luke Parker, Burrell Dun, Sessums Parker, Lewis Parker, Josiah Carter, Thos. Bullard, Elijah Fisher, Philip Magee, John Fisher, William Fowler, William Owens, Lewis Caredle, Owen Owens, Josiah Pall, Charles Hall, Henry Davis, John Hall, Thos. Frasher, Barnabas Hall, James Davis, Jesse Davis, Willis Magee, Archibal McLemore, Isaac Sessums, Jeremiah Simmons, and their hands work under him.

Court, 2nd Monday May 1795: Lewis Parker elected constable for Sessums Parkers District. Sessums Parker, Nicholas Parker members on jury to lay off new road. Sessums Parker Esq. for Capt. Parkers Company, all to make list of taxables for 1795. A deed from Jno Parker to Lewis Parker for 100 acres of land registered.

Court, 2nd Monday in Aug. 1795: Sessums Parker one of the Justices Sessums Parker returned list of taxables. Owen Owens, Wm. Owens, Sessums Parker, Wm. Fowler, Thos. Owens, Lewis Parker, William Parker, Nicholas Sessums among those on jury to lay out road. Owen Owens and his hands, Thos. Owens and his hands, Nicholas Parkerand his hands, John Parkers hands, Wm. Fowler to work on road.

Court, 2nd Monday, Feb. 8, 1796: Ordered John Parkers hands to work on new road under Sessums Parker.

Court, May 9, 1796: Sessums Parker one of the Justices.


John Parker's will is dated Apr. 23, 1800 and is printed in its entirety below.

State of North Carolina

Sampson County In the name of God, Amen

I, John Parker of the state and county aforesd Being Weak of Body But of perfect mind and memory, thanks Be to God and calling to mind the mortality of my Body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament that is to say Principally and First of all, I Recommend my soul unto the hand of might God that gave it and my Body I Recommend to the Earth to be Buried in a Decent Christian Burial at the discretion of Executors Nothing doubting But that at the general Resurrection I shall receive the same again by the Mighty Power of God and as tuching such worldly estate as it hath Pleased God to Bless me with in this life I give devise and dispose of the same in the following manner and Form

Firstly, I give and Bequeath to Rachel my wife eleven hundred acres of land between Little Cohary and south River including the Plantation whereon I now live also one Negro man called Peter also one Negro woman called hamer likewise all my household goods and furniture during her natural life my household goods and furniture to be at her Disposal at her death I also give to my wife all my stock of all kinds during her life I also give to my sons Josiah Parker and John Parker William Parker and Lewis Parker and my daughters Lewrany Clark and Elizabeth Fisher the sum of twenty shillings Each to be raised and levied out of my Estate I also give to my son Nicholas Parker one hundred acres of land on the west side of little Cohary Near the head of Siprous Creek Patterned by Jones Lockerman also one hundred acres near the head of the Beaver Dam Swamp I also give to my son Thomas Parker two hundred acres of land including the Plantation whereon he lives likewise one hundred acres of land near a pond called the open Pond part of a survey of one hundred and fifty acres I also give the remaining fifty acres to my son Francis Parker I also give the sd Negroes Peter and hamer between my sons Thomas and luke after my wife's death at which time the land and Plantation first mentioned to be to my son Luke Parker also at my wife's death my stock of all kinds to be divided between my sons Sessums Thomas and luke and thereby make and ordain my worth friends Nicholas Parker and Sessums Parker Executors of this my last will and testament and I do hereby utterly disallow Revoke and Disanul all former wills and testaments by me here to fore made Ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament In witness whereunto I have here unto set my hand and seal this 23 day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand and eight hundred and in the 24 year of American Independence sign sealed and Published and declared by the sd John Parker the testator as his last will and testament in the presents of us who were present at the time of signing and sealing thereof

Thomas Bullard

John hall John Parker seal

William Fowler

N.B, give unto my son luke Parker my still sworn to the foregoing to be the last will & testament of John Parker, Dec’d is ordered thereof to be recorded

In Court on Feb. 10, 1806 "Nicholas Parker and Sessums Parker came into court and prayed Letters of Administration on the estate of John Parker Decd. which was granted."

It can be seen that almost six years passed between the signing of the Will and the death of John Parker. His death-date can be fixed between Nov. 1805 and Feb. 1806.

In Court on Aug. 11, 1806, "Nicholas Parker and Sessums Parker Executors to the last will and testament of John Parker Decd. came into Court and was duly Qualified.''

"Nicholas Parker Returned into Court an Inventory of the Estate of John Parker Decd. which was filed.

The inventory of John Parker's estate is an interesting document and reveals that he was a wealthy man for his day. A copy follows:

State of North Carolina A true Inventory of the

Sampson County John Parker Senr Late of this County

Deceased Taken in the presence of Owen Owens 10th of may 1806.

Viz 1883 Acres of land 1 fire shovel
20 head of Cattle 1 hat
56 head of Hogs 2 horses 1 mair
24 Head of sheep 3 pamphlets
22 Head of Gees 3 pots
4 Feather Beds 1 Frying pan
4 Bedstead steads and cords 2 kettles
4 Bed hides and pads 2 Dutch ovens
11 sheets and 3 blankets 1 Iron Teakettle
3 Rugs and two ladders 1 Iron skillet
2 Club axes
4 Bolsherse pillars 1 Narrow ax
5 Cases and 4 Towels
7 1/4 yd thread cloth 2 Hatchets
2 Table Cloths 9 Case knives
21 yd wollen cloth 11 Forks
3 yd blue Cotton Cloth 1 Arm Char
9 Lanthorn 1 Common "
9 Pewter Basons 1 Griddle Iron
4 Dishes 17 Spoons 1 Tobacco knife
1 Rifle Gun 1 Pair candle snuffers
1 Three gallon jug 4 Washing tubs 1 old Ditto
the same full of brandy 3 Pails 5 Piggins
5 Empty jugs 1 Large Mug
2 chests 3 handled cups
1 Case of 14 half Gallon 1 pair cart wheels
Bottles 7 of them full 4 Cart body one carry log
of Brandy 2 Cutter Ploughs
4 Tables and 1 Dish 2 Flukes 2 plough frames
1 Iron Candlestick 1 Howel two rasps
11 Chunk Bottles 2 Grubing Hoes
3 Vials one snuf Bottle 1 Hand bellows
1 Set Teacups and saucers 1 straw hat
1 Looking Glass 4 weeding hoes
1 Curry knife 2 claw hammers
1 Pair spring spurs 1 shoe hammer
1 Case of Razors 2 pair sheers
1 sundial 2 shoe knives
2 Snuf Boxes 2 Vials 1 sweet oyl bottle
2 pair Spectakles 3 Woolen wheels
1 Coffy mill 2 Linnen wheels
2 Coffy Pots 2 Bread trays
1 hand mill 3 Coolers
1 Cross Cutsaw 16 Pair stillards
1 whip saw 2 pair cotton cards
3 Vials 2 pair wool cards
1 Pistol gun 4 pair coarse cards
1 hand saw 13 cyder Barrels
2 drawing knives one ceg
15 Books 2 old hogsheads Iron hoops
1 pair fire tongs 4 stands



1 Grindstone with irons 1 Trow 1 Iron wedge
2 Barrels one head each 3 Indigo vessels
1 Loom of slays? 6 pair harness
1 Flour stone 1 tub
1 Butter tub 1 Taper bit
1 small sword 1 Hand saw set
7 old Barrels 2 meal sifters
2 Hides 1 side saddle
2 mens saddles 23 sides Leather
6 Bells 2 augers 1 Gimblet 1 chizzel
1 Gouge 1 churn 1 Iron Ladle
1 pair sadle bags 2 reap hooks
1 Cutting knife and box 1 Cythe 3 Bridles
90 Bushels Corn 4 Padlocks and keys
4 Bee hives 6 Baskets
2 Stultraps 194 lb. Cotton
1 Iron pot Trammel 1 London still With the appertenances
1 Negro man 1 Half Gallon measure pewter
1 Half pint measure pewter money Two pounds five shlllings
The Same Continued
Apparrel 7 waistcoats 9 shirts
15 pair Breeches 7 Coats
4 pair Drawers 2 pair stockins
1 Pair Boots 1 Pair spattertoshes
 1 Trugs

Errors Excepted Nicholas Parker


Sess. Parker

"sale of the perishable Property Belonging to John Parker Senr. Late of This County Decead'd" was held on Sept. 24, 25,26, and 27th, 1806. The sale took in 187 pounds, 13 shillings, and 11 pence.

In Court, Nov. 10, 1806, "Sessums and Nicholas Parker Returned into Court a/c Sales of the Estate of John Parker Decd. which was filed."

In Court, Feb. 8, 1808: "Ordered that Gabriel Holmes John Colwell and Thomas Frazier Esq. be a Commlttee to settle the Estate of John Parker Decd. with the Excrs Nicholas Parker and Sessums Parker and report to next court."

John Parker was a leader of the Methodist Church in Sampson Co. He was the founder of Parker's Meeting House in 1785, now known as Andrew's Chapel Methodist Church.

Children of John and Rachael (Sessums) Parker:

1. John, b, Feb. 23, 1753, Bladen Co., NC., d. July 7, 1838, Bladen Co., NC. He m. ca. 1805, Bladen Co., NC., to Rhoda B_____. John Parker was a soldier in the American Revolution. He enlisted as a private in Feb. 1776 under Capt. Wm. Ellis and served three months. he also served seven months and fourteen days under Capt. Griffith J. McRee and three months under Capt. Ephrarm Muiford. He applied for a pension, Feb. 4, 1833, and his claim was allowed. Following his death, his widow applied for and received a pension on an application dated May 2, 1855. She was a resident of Bladen Co., at the time of application and gave her age as 76.

2. Josiah

3. Nicholas, b. July 5, 1758 d. June 21, 1835. He m. Elizabeth Owen. She was b. Aug. 10, 1761 d. Oct. 19, 1842. They are buried in the Dr. John Owen graveyard, Sampson Co., NC. No children. They reared their nephew, Dr. John Owen, son of Thomas and Sarah (Parker) Owen.

4. William, b. Oct. 25, 1759 d. Aug. 7, 1829. He m. Ann (Nancy) Owen. She was b. July 15, 1765 d. ca. 1836/7. Children:

1. John, b. Oct. 17, 1788 d. 1859. He m. Rachael Butler. She d. 1841.

2. Daniel, b. ca. 1791/2 m. Elizabeth Carroll, She was b. Dec. 29, 1795d. July 2, 1838.

3. Penelope, m. Rev. Reuben Ellis.

                4. Sophia, m. John R. King.

5. Rev. Dennis, b. Apr. 17, 1801 d. Oct. 29, 1853, m. lst-Sabra Owen b. May 1, 1802 d. Oct. 6, 1844 2nd-Tabitha Johnson

6. Elizabeth, m. Benjamin Ramie.

7. Rachael, b. July 9, 180-; d. Oct. 1875. She m. Wm. Fowler

8. Joseph D , b. Sept. 24, 1807 d. ca. 1890. He m. lst-Margaret Robinson 2nd-Mary Jane Butler.

9. Allen, died in youth.

10. Francis, died in youth.

5. Lewis

6. Francis, see Some Ancestors and Some Descendants of Richard Parker, Chirurgeon 1629-1680 by Eleanor D. McSwain, for descendants of Francis Parker, pp256-260

7. Thomas, b Dec. 26, 1768 d June 6, 1861 He m. Catherine Howard. She was b. 1773 d. March 22, 1859 They had the following children:

1. Nancy, b July 4, 1793 d June 24, 1851. Single

2. Howard, b Oct. 15, 1795 d July 19, 1836. He m. Sophia Howard. She was b. 1800; d. Oct. 10, 1859

3. Thomas Jr., m. Polly Howard.

4. Joseph, m. Annie Gregory.

5. Edna, never married.

6. Edith, m. Lott Owen.

7. Gabriel, b. March 20, 1806; d. May 20, 1865. He m. Nancy Chestnutt. She d. 1875-76

8. Sessums

9. LUKE, Hereinafter referred to as A. LUKE PARKER.

10. Sarah, m. Thomas Owen. Had one son:

1. John, b. Dec. 13, 1790 d. July 23, 1859. His mother died soon after his birth and he was reared by his uncle, Nicholas Parker, and his aunt, Elizabeth (Owen) Parker. He m. May 18, 1815, Fayetteville, NC., Sarah Blake. She was b. Apr. 12, 1795 d. Sept. 5, 1859. He was a medical doctor. They had 11 children.

11. Lewrany, m._____ Clark.

12. Elizabeth, m. _____ Fisher.




A LUKE PARKER, a son of John and Rachael (Sessums) Parker, was born between 1770 and 1775. He was probably still living with his father at the time of the 1800 census of Sampson Co., for there is a male, age 16 to 26, in John's household. Luke's name does not appear as a head of family in the 1800 census.

In John Parker's will, Luke was to receive John's plantation after Rachael died. Luke was also to receive, following his mother's death, a 1/2 share in John's two Negroes, also a 1/3 share in all of John's stock.

As previously stated, Parker's Meeting House was founded by John Parker. The membership met in his home during his lifetime. After his death, the church needed a permanent home, so on Oct. 2, 1809, Luke Parker, by now the owner of John's plantation, deeded two acres for the church for the sum of ten shillings. Grantees listed in the deed were Nicholas Parker, William Parker, Thomas Parker, Owen Owens and William Miller, as trustees. The deed states that they will "Erect and build or cause to be Erected and built thereon a house or place of worship for the use of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States of America, and that they shall at all times forever hereafter permit such Ministers and Preachers belonging to the said church as shall from time to time be duly authorized by the General or Annual Conferences of said church and none others to preach and Expound God's holy word therein . . ."

Luke Parker was a soldier in the War of 1812, as a member of Capt. Thomas Boykin's Company, North Carolina Drafted Militia, which was stationed at Deepwater Point. He began service July 24, 1813, and on the muster roll dated Dept. 26, 1813, he is listed as "Sick in Hospital." His rank was private. Luke's service ended Oct. 19, 1813 and he appears on a "Muster roll of a Detachment of Married Men Discharged, by Order of Adjutant General of North Carolina, from the Detached Militia stationed in Deepwater Point." He was paid 524 for his approximately 3 months service.

Luke Parker appears as a head of family on the 1810, 1820, and 1830 census for Sampson Co., NC.

The minutes of the County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions contain a number of references to Luke Parker:

Book #2:

Court, May 10, 1801: Ordered to open stream of water called Little Cohary-Owen Owen, Felix Hare, Wm. Owens, Martin Hare, Arthur Hare, Luke Parker, Rich Sessums, Thomas Owen. Ordered the following to work on Rivers called Little Cohary, Wm. Hair, Arthur Hair, Felix Hair, Martin Hair, John Hair, Thos. Owens, John Parker, Luke Parker, Owen Owens, and their hands.

Court, May 12, 1806: Sessums Parker, Nicholas Parker, Solomon Sessums and Luke Parker among others selected to serve in Fraziers District.

Court, Aug. 11, 1806: Sessums Parker overseer of River with the following to work under him. Luke Parker and hand, Thomas Parker, Thomas Bullard, Barton Bullard, Wm. Owen's hands, 3 hands of Owen Owens, to work on Little Cohery from Parkers Bridge to Magees Bridge.

Book #3:

Court, Aug. 14, 1809: Luke Parker sworn on grand jury.

Court, Nov. 13, 1809: A deed from Luke Parker to Nicholas Parker and others for two acres of land was proven in Court for Registration. Note: this was the deed mentioned above for the church.

Court, May 21, 1810: Nicholas Parker, Owen Owen, Thomas Owens, Luke Parker and others to be Patriots in Capt. Buttery's District.

Court, Nov. 9,1810: Luke Parker to be overseer of River in "room" of Owen Owens and the usual hands to work under him.

Luke Parker sold 100 acres of land to John Parker, presumably his nephew, the son of William, on July 28, 1827. This tract was located on the "West side of Little Cohary and on both sides of the beaver dam" and was sold for $100. This appears to be the identical tract of land which was granted to John Parker, Sr., Oct. 29, 1782, from the State of North Carolina.

On Feb. 5, 1828, Luke Parker sold to John Parker for $149, four parcels of land on the "west side of Little Cohary" totaling 272 acres. All four parcels were located in the vicinity of the "beaver dam swamp."

The final conveyance from Luke Parker was to Silas Herring on March 3, 1831. It was a large sale, involving nine tracts of land with a purchase price of $950. The nine parcels contained a total of 831 acres.

Following the sale of the land in the above conveyance, Luke Parker and family moved from Sampson Co., NC., to Alachua (now Columbia) Co., Fla. The move took place between March 1831, the date of the deed, and Apr. 1832, the date of birth of Luke's last child, Henry Parker.

Luke Parker participated in the Second Seminole War after moving to Columbia Co. he enlisted Jan. 27, 1837, at Ft. Beckham in Capt. Edward's Mtd. Co., 1st Reg't, Warren's Fla. Militia, as a private, and served until June 5, 1837. He then enlisted as a private, June 16, 1837, in Capt. Livingston's Co., 2nd Reg't, East Fla. Mtd. Vols., at Ft. Palmetto, and .served until Dec. 18, 1837, when he was mustered out at Ft. Gilliland, Fla.

Luke Parker died June 8, 1838.

Luke Parker's wife was named Sophia _____. She is believed to have died before 1840.

The children of Luke and Sophia Parker were:

*AA 1. Sarah Jane, b. 1814, Sampson Co., NC.

*AB 2. Mary, b. 1816, Sampson Co., NC.

*AC 3. John, b. Oct. 16, 1818, Sampson Co., NC.

*AD 4. William, b. ca. 1821, Sampson Co., NC.

*AE 5. Streaty, b. May 17, 1823, Sampson Co., NC.

*AF 6. Henry L., b. Apr. 15, 1832, Columbia Co., Fla.

References: Abstracts of the Wills of Edgecombe County North Carolina-1733-1856, by Ruth Smith Williams and Margarette Glenn Griffin, 1956, pp. 297-8 Grant Book 1785-1806), Sampson Co., NC; 1784 Tax List, Sampson Co., NC., as found in North Carolina Genealogy, Fall 1968 Minute Docket Books, County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Sampson Co., NC., Will of John Parker of Sampson Co., NC, copied from a Photostat of the will in the NC State Archives, on Dec. 15, 1977, by Eleanor Davis McSwain; Inventory of the Estate of John Parker and Account of the Sale of the perishable property of John Parker, copies from NC State Archives; Files of Mrs. W. R. (Dorothy Parker) Mohrmann of Raleigh, NC., provided by Paul R. Goree, Ft. Collins, Colo., Minutes and Register of Andrew Chapel, formerly Parker's Meeting House, Sampson Co., NC, NC State Archives Abstracts of Sampson County Wills, 1784-1895, by Cora Bass, 1958 Pension files (American Revolution) of John and Rhoda Parker, Bladen Co., NC, National Archives Parker Family Tree Chart, original drawn by Mrs. M. C. Bagley of Jackson, NC, from data furnished by B. F. Bullard of Savannah, Ga., Copy of letter from B. F. Bullard to Louis H. Parker, Apr. 23, 1906, including data on John Owen graveyard, Sampson Co., NC Deed Book 15, p. 4, Sampson Co., N. C., Deed Book 23, pp.-76-79, Sampson Co., NC, Deed Book 24, pp. 53-54, Sampson Co., NC, War of 1812 and Seminole Indian War files for Luke Parker, National Archives: 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830 census, Sampson Co., NC, Information from Caroline Cunningham, Raleigh, NC, and Some Ancestors and Some Descendants of Richard Parker, Chirurgeon, 1629-1680, by Eleanor Davis McSwain, 1980.


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