Tintype Photos from the
Faith Raulerson Merserve Collection



tin_type_1.jpg (46860 bytes) tin_type_2.jpg (64364 bytes)
tin_type_3.jpg (48567 bytes) tin_type_4.jpg (30037 bytes)
tin_type_5.jpg (43895 bytes) tin_type_6.jpg (44178 bytes)

Photos courtesy of Ellis Draughon.

Unfortunately we have no names to go with these old tintypes. Faith Meserve at one time said the man in the first frame on the bottom row was a Chandler, but that is the only identification for any we have. It is possible the first frame on the second row is a young Peter Raulerson, but that is just a guess.  Due to their source, it can be assumed these photos are of Raulersons, Chandlers or possibly Meserves. 

These are not the only photos I have with no names.  Of all the old photos in my possession, probably half of them have no name associated with them, and the people who could identify them are no longer alive to do that.  So most likely they will forever remain a mystery.  Perhaps sometime in the future, I will post a number of them to this site on the chance that someone out there has the same photograph and can thus provide an identification.