Resource Persons
(Interviews, photographs, correspondence)

Addison, Will
Barber, R. H.
Bass, Zona Durrance
Bowden, Beryl Lovvorn
Bowden, Eugenia Hollingsworth Simmons
Caldwell, Flora Chandler
Chance, Earle
Chance, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. T.
Conely, Martha Godard
Darrow, Dorothy
DeVane, Park
Durrance, Carl
Durrance, Christine Alderman
Emerson, Addie Holmes
Evans, Shelley Coats
Hamilton, Wanda
Hancock, Ada
Hancock, Clyde
Henderson, Bruce
Hendry, Mr. and Mrs. William
Hunt, Zetta Durrance
Kerce, Fran
LaMartin, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L
Lawson, Wilburn
Leggett, Gordon
Livingston, Richard
Mackim, John
Meserve, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis M.
Minehan, Ruth
Padgett, Roy
Presley, Etta Swain
Price, Kent
Raulerson, Mr. and Mrs. Hiram
Raulerson, Lottie
Schwarfschwerdt, Lavina Schilling
Thompson, Douglas
Trumble, Ruth
Underhill, William Steve
Valentine, Twila
Walker, Thelma Holmes
Walston, Charlotte Daughtry
Whisenant, Esther Ehrhart
Wilson, Bobbie LaMartin

Public Documents

U.S. National Archives
1880 Census, Brevard County, Florida.
Reference Report on Post Offices at Basinger, Fort Drum and Okeechobee, Florida. 105
State of Florida
Florida census, 1885, Brevard County, Florida.
Okeechobee County
Incorporation Record I
Minutes - County Commissioners I
Miscellaneous Record I
Plat Book I
1921 County School Records
Osceola County
Teacher’s Report, Bassinger School 28, month commencing August 10, 1908 and ending Sept. 4, 1908.
St. Lucie County
Incorporation Record Number I
Miscellaneous Record I
Teacher’s Daily Register, School Number 14 Situated at Tantie (Okeechobee), 1909.1910
Teacher’s Daily Register, School Number 14 Situated at Tantie (Okeechobee), 1910.1911
City of Okeechobee
Council Minute Book 1915-1919

Newspaper Files

Okeechobee Call
September 23, 1915, November 25, 1915, April 13, 1916, April 26, 1917, March 14, 1918, May 30, 1918
Okeechobee News
Collection of Robert LaMartin beginning in late 1920’s.
Collection of Okeechobee County Historical Society, from 1930’s.
St. Lucie County Tribune 1905 - 1917
Fort Pierce News 1914-1917

Articles in Newspapers, Periodicals and Journals

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"Mail Delivery in Pioneer Days Accomplished By Horseback, on Foot and By Boat on Big Lake." Okeechobee News, Aug. 20, 1954.
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Unpublished Materials

Church Record Book, Okeechobee Primitive Baptist Church
Emerson, Addie. "Old Fort Drum and Some of its People." Typescript. St. Lucie County Museum, Fort Pierce, FIa.
Letter from W. S. Norwood to William Underhill, April 19, 1880.
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