Willoughby Whidden Family


From the Polk County Record, Bartow, Florida, Friday, February 11, 1916.

About forty-five of the children and grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Willoughby Whidden gathered at their home near Bradley Junction last Sunday to celebrate the birthday of Mr. Whidden, who was eighty years old last Saturday, February the fifth. The day was greatly enjoyed by all present. A short history of his life was given by Mr. Whidden, and there are many people in the county who will enjoy looking over this history.

Mr. Whidden was born February 5,1836, in North Florida. His father moved to Tampa when he was about four years old and he lived there for a number of years. He served in the Seminole War and enlisted in the Confederate Army early in 1861 and served four years under General Johnson, Bragg and Hood. He reached home after the surrender in July, 1865, and on February 20, 1868, he married Miss Susan C. Durrance. Twelve children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Whidden, ten of whom are still living; two died in infancy. Of the children, nine reside in Polk County and in Hillsborough. Those who were present at the dinner were Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Whidden and two children of Bartow, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Whidden and four children of Homeland, J. C. Whidden and wife of Mulberry, Mrs. J. W. Albritton and six children of Chicora, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Whidden and one child of Mulberry, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Whidden and two children of Mulberry, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Collins and four children of Bradley Junction, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hancock and five children of Fort Meade, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Whidden of Mulberry, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Whidden of Bradley Juncton. Willoughby Whidden was a cousin of Bennett Whidden. Susan Candacy Durrance Whidden was a sister of Emily Jane Durrance Whidden, wife of Bennett Whidden.

Willloughby Whidden Family

Row 1: Willoughby. Alvin, Matthew, and Lillian Albritton. Cecil Whidden, W. W. (Will) Whidden, Robert E. (Bob) Whidden.
Row 2: Jesse Arthur Albritton, Lillian Ada Whidden Albritton, holding Annice Albritton. Willoughby Whidden, Susan C. Durrance Whidden, holding Ailean Whidden, Willoughby Augustus (Gus) Whidden, Ruby Viola Best Whidden, holding Murray Whidden, Walter Jackson (Jack) Whidden, holding Eunice Whidden
Row 3: James Arthur Hancock, J. W. (Will) Collins, holding Vivian Collins, Jesse Whidden, Henry M. Whidden.
Row 4: Nora Whidden Hancock, Mittie Whidden Collins, Pearl Hancock Whidden, Lenora Bennett Whidden.

The names of the 10 children of Willoughby Whidden and Susan C. Durrance Whidden are in italic.  The others in the picture are in-laws and grandchildren.  Picture made, 1906

Photo Courtesy of Joseph Denton Cash