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Large Procession Accompanies Remains to Last Resting Place

Mrs. Samantha Underhill, age 89 years, 10 months and 28 days, the oldest known citizen of the county, passed peacefully away Christmas Eve at 8 o'clock at the home of her daughter and son-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Walker. Mrs. Under- hill was born at Baton Rouge, La., Feb. 2, 1846 and was married to Wm. Underhill, near Ft. Meade, on April 28, 1865. Mr. Underhill who was born in Georgia, May 30, 1821, preceded her to the grave in 1905, And the remains of his widow were laid beside him at Bassenger Cemetery on Christmas afternoon, with six grandsons as pall-bearers. They were:B. F. Walker, J. Hardy Walker, Jr., Clayton Walker, Steve Underhill, Ernest Hilliard and Alton Hilliard. Mrs. Underhill was a member of the Baptist church, and the funeral services were under direction of Rev. W. B. Archer of the local Baptist Church. From the marriage of Samantha Chandler and Wm. Underhill were born 10 children, seven of which are living today. About 59 years ago they moved to Bassenger where everyone of their children grew to manhood and womanhood and married, except one, Charles A. Underhill.

The Children Are:

Annie C., married to J. N. Thomas, residing at Bassenger.
Rachel F., married to J. N. Walker residing at Loxahatachee.
Ellen A., (deceased), married to J. Hardy Walker, Sr., Okeechobee.
Emma M., married to W. F. Walker, Bassenger.
Wilford P. married to May Alder- man, residing at DeLand.
Joseph S., married to Louanna Walker, residing at Okeechobee.
Charles, (deceased) never married. Amy E., married C. W. Hilliard. Okeechobee.
Edward W., (deceased) married to Pauline Addison, Okeechobee.
Cuthbert, married to Wm. H. Walker.
Grandsons and daughters were as follows:

Underhill - Thomas

Annie C. Underhill married J. N. Thomas, of Bassenger, and from this union sprang the following children:

Will Thomas and wife, and six children residint at Bassenger.
Samantha and Albert Hazelief, 4 children, residing at Bassenger.
Carrie and Wilbur Hazelief, 5 children, residing at Bassenger.
Floyd Thomas and wife, 2 children, residing at Bassenger.
MauriceThomas to Eunice Drawdy 3 children, residing in Okeechobee.
Rhoda Thomas to Lawrence Smith, 2 children, at Bassenger.
Matthew Thomas to Hilda Raulerson,no children, at Bassenger.

Rachel F - Joe M. Walker

Rachel F. Underhill married Joe M. Walker, residing now at Loxahatchee. They had the following children and grandchildren:

Josie, deceased, unmarried.
Marion to Bess Butler, one child, Residing at Delray.
Joseph E. Walker to Stella De- Vane, no children, residing at Lake Worth.
Alva H. Walker to Mary Butler, 3 children, at Delray.
Walter L. Walker, bachelor, residing at Loxahatchee.
Mary Alice to Lucien Nail, 3 children, at Loxahatchee.
John W. Walker to May Faultz, 2 children at Loxahatchee.
Bertie May to Ted Taylor, 1 child, Lake Worth.

Ellen A. To Hardy Walker

Ellen A. Underhill married J. Hardy Walker, Sr. (she is deceased). They had the following children and grandchildren|

Bessie married to R. H. Alderman, 3 children, Okeechobee.
J. Hardy Walker, Jr., to Thelma Holmes, 4 children, Okeechobee.
Nellie (deceased) to Dozier Smith, 6 children, Okeechobee.
Ella to Julius Pearce, 8 children, Highlands county.
Charley Walker to Vilma Holmes, 2 children, Okeechobee.
Henry Walker to Lucile Holmes, 4 children, Okeechobee.
Evelyn Walker to Granville Beville, 4 children, Okeechobee.
Alma Walker to Louie Conrad, 6 children, Okeechobee.
Edna Walker to Albert Evans, 1 child, Okeechobee.

Emma M. Underhill - W. F. Walker

Emma M. Underhill married W. Frank Walker. They have the following children and grandchildren:

Eva (deceased) never married.
Ben F. Walker to Neva Williams, 3 children, Okeechobee.
Carl F. Walker to Clara Heckert, no children, Bassenger.
Lorena Walker to Alex L. Thomp- son, no children, Bassenger.
Frankie Walker to Harle Williams, 3 children, Okeechobee.

Wilford P. to May Alderman

Wilford P. Underhill was married to May Alderman. To this union was born only one son, Amory. They all reside in Deland.

Joe S to Louanna Walker

Joe S. Underhill married Louanna Walker and from this union was born the following children and grandchildren:

Arlie Underhill to Ellie Tomlinson, 1 child, Okeechobee.
Ruth Underhill to Geo. Trumble, 1 child, Okeechobee.
Alma to John Sherman, no children, Ft. Pierce.

Charles A Underhill

Charles A. Underhill, now deceased, never married.

Amy Underhill to C. W. Hilliard

Amy Underhill was married to C. W. Hilliard and from this union was born the following children and grandchildren:

Lester Hilliard, unmarried. Ernest Hilliard to Mattie Lee Brantley, 1 child, Stuart.
Alton and Lorena at home with parents.

Edward W. Underhill to Pauline Addison

Ed Underhill was married to Pauline Addison and from this union was born one son, Steve, who is married. Ed died this year. His widow and son reside in Okeechobee.

Cuthbert to W. H. Walker

Miss Cuthbert Underhill was married to Wmm. H. Walker, and from this union two children were born, as follows:

Clayton Walker, unmarried, Okeechobee.
Wilma Walker to Robert LaMartin, no children, Okeechobee.

Grandson Chester L. Underhill married to Cora L. Pierce, 3 children, residing at Ft. Pierce.

From this family Grandmother Underhill has as descendents, 10 children, 41 grandchildren and 82 great-grandchildren. Many of the great-grandchildren are about grown. There has been but few deaths among her own children, or her grand or great-grandchildren. The total of her descendents, with less than 10 dead numbers 133 people.

She was a good woman, known to every old-timer in the county. Her husband was a veteran of the U. S. Army in the Indian War, and a veteran of the Confederate Army, thus His widow drew two pensions, one from Uncle Sam and the other from the State of Florida. She lived a fruitful useful life and many will mourn her departure. She expressed a desire to enter the Great Beyond several times before death. She said she was ready to meet her Maker. A good woman has gone to her re- ward and may peace and the blessings of God rest her soul.


Samantha Chandler Underhill

Gravestone at Basinger Florida