Charles Henry Luther Chandler

1866 - 1922



It becomes our sad duty this week to chronicle the death of one of Okeechobee's most highly respected citizens. Charles H. L. Chandler, which occurred at his home Wednesday, January 11th, at 3 o'clock, after a lingering illness of a month confined to his home with heart disease, and receiving all that medical science could do for his suffering, he answer the call amid the family circle and sorrowing friends.

"Uncle Charley" as he was familiarly known, was fifty-eight years of age, born at Fort Meade, and his father, S. M. Chandler, originally from Louisiana moved to Bassenger when he was a small boy and when he became of age, was married to Miss Ida Raulerson, daughter of N. R. Raulerson, at Bassenger. After a few year's residence in Bassenger he moved to Okeechobee, where he acquired big real restate interests and a large herd of cattle. Taking up a homestead in Okeechobee which he has lived on for a number of years and for fifteen years has been identified with the progressiveness that has transformed this section from the wilderness to what it is today.

For years, "Uncle Charley" carried on a butchering business, buying and selling of cattle, and maintained his orange grove interests in which he was successful, and always prospered through square and honest dealings with his fellowman.

Besides leaving a host of sorrowing friends and acquaintances, he leaves a large family to mourn his death; his wife, who has been the lifetime companion, and thirteen children: Mrs., Ida Raulerson, his wife: and married daughters, Mrs. Bertis Tatum, Ft. Myers; Mrs. Mellie Brantley, Okeechobee; Mrs. Laurence H. Wright, Okeechobee; Mrs. Ola Waldron, Newport, R. I.; the grown unmarried sons are, Eddie, Harmon and Hugh Raulerson; the younger daughters are, Bessie, Alma, Thelma, Ida May, and the baby boy, Charles.

The brothers and sisters left to mourn the death of their brother are Mrs. Peter Raulerson, Okeechobee; Mrs., Lutitia Pierce, Iona; Mrs. Semanthy Underhill, Mrs. Caroline Gant, Okeechobee; and Messrs. Willis W. Chandler, Okeechobee; Allen Chandler, Homestead, Fla.

Seldom has a death occurred in so large a family where the entire immediate family was present, as in the death of Mr. Chandler. As all his children were at his bedside when death came.

For twenty-five years, Mr. Chandler has been identified with church affiliations and living a true Christian life, which is an honor, and leaves as a monument a character of honesty and uprightness that will live forever.

The funeral services were conducted yesterday at 11 o'clock, at the cemetery by Rev W. O. Moon amid the largest gathering ever to be at the cemetery, to pay their last respects to their departed friend and citizen.

For years, Mr. Chandler's genial business affiliations have so linked him with the people of Okeechobee, that he will be missed by everyone, and no people ever sorrowed in the death of a citizen more deeply than the friends and acquaintances of Mr. Chandler.
The News editor extends to the bereaved family his heartfelt sympathy in this sad hour.

Note: The article above erroneously left off the name of the married son, Henry Chandler, and had the last name of the unmarried sons shown as Raulerson instead of Chandler. The wife's name was Mrs. Ida Raulerson Chandler.

Charles Henry Luther Chandler
and his wife
Ida Elizabeth Raulerson Chandler