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This is a collection of photos of gravestones of individuals associated with the genealogical material at this site.  At present eight cemeteries are included - Oak Hill in Bartow, FL, Gandy in Connersville, FL, Basinger, FL, Ft. Drum, FL, Pleasant Grove in Ft. Meade, FL, and Joshua Creek in Arcadia, FL.  In Louisiana, there are the Amite Baptist Church and Carter Plantation, both near Livingston Parish, LA.

The photos at the Basinger cemetery were taken under very extreme lighting conditions, facing into the sun, as was to a lesser extent those taken at Joshua Creek, so I would like to retake some of those. Many of the stones are taken over by fungus and need cleaning.

Click on a link to view the photo in a separate window.  For an aerial view of some these cemeteries, click here. New Material 4/21/2004

Blount, Elizabeth - Bartow
Blount, James Nathan - Joshua Creek
Blount, John Churchill - Bartow
Blount, Nathan S. - Bartow
Blount, Readding (1987) - Bartow *
Blount, Readding (1997) - Bartow [notice effects of fungus]
Blount, Readding (group) - Bartow
Blount, Riley & Jane - Bartow
Blount, Thomas Owen - Joshua Creek
Carlton, Jeremiah M - Joshua Creek
Chandler, Adeline - Basinger 1991 *
Chandler, Adeline - Basinger 2002 [notice effects of fungus]
Chandler, Anna Efferson - Amite Baptist Church, Louisiana 1987 *
Correct dates Jul 12, 1805 Georgia - Sept. 16, 1870 Louisiana
Chandler, Samuel J. - Amite Baptist Church, Louisiana 1987 *
Correct dates Oct 27, 1796, South Carolina - Sept. 2, 1882 Louisiana
Chandler, S. M . - Basinger 1991 *
Chandler, S. M. - Basinger 2002 [notice effects of fungus]
Chandler, W. S. - Basinger
Fortner, Cenetta Hancock - Hancock Family 2007
Hancock, James Thomas - Hancock Family 2007
Hancock, Robert Washington - Hancock Family 2007
Hancock, Serena Willingham - Hancock Family 2007
Hair, Streety Ashford - Ft. Drum
Hazellief, Emma M . - Basinger
Hazellief, Samantha - Basinger
Hilliard, Ann Elizabeth Pearce - Ft. Meade
Hilliard, Edward J. - Ft. Meade
Hilliard, Thomas J. - Ft. Meade
King, Ira Parker - Joshua Creek
LaMartin, Mary - Basinger
LaMartin, Robert - Basinger (memorial stone - buried in Kissimmee, FL)
Correct dates Sept. 4, 1851 Anderson, SC - May 25, 1904 Kissimmee, FL
LaMartin, Robert - Kissimmee (dates as above)
McClenithan, Georgia Harlan - Joshua Creek
McClenithan, Mary LaMartin - Basinger
McClenithan, William - Joshua Creek
Parker, Elizabeth M. - Ft. Drum
Parker, Grace - Joshua Creek
Parker, Henry L. - Ft Drum
Jane Elizabeth Smiley Parker - Joshua Creek
Parker, Jasper Newton - Joshua Creek
Parker, John - Homeland
Parker, John M. H. - Homeland 
Death date incorrect on stone, correct dates 1848 - 1868
Parker, Lewis Henry with, Lydia Elvira Starnes Parker's monument to the right - Joshua Creek
Parker, Lewis T. - Joshua Creek
Parker, Mary (detail) - Bartow
Rhoda Jarrett Crum Parker - Joshua Creek
Parker Streaty - Bartow
Parker, Streaty (detail) - Bartow
Parker, Thomas Owen and Sarah Blount Parker - Joshua Creek
Zebulon Newton Parker and Vivian Lee Parker - Joshua Creek
Raulerson, N. R. - Basinger (1871 - 1895)
Raulerson, N. R. (front) - Connersville
Raulerson, N. R. (side) - Connersville
Tucker, Beza - Carter Plantation, Louisiana 1987 *
Correct dates Feb 20, 1804 Union Main - Feb 28, 1895 Blood River, LA
Underhill, Mary R. - Old Elam 2007
Underhill, William & Samantha - Basinger
Walker, Ellen - Basinger
Walker, James & Bertha - Basinger
Walker, Jeremiah - Basinger 1991
Walker, Jeremiah - Basinger 2002 [notice effects of fungus]
Walker, John H. - Basinger
Walker, Joseph M. - Basinger
Walker, Martha M. - Basinger
Walker, Rachel Underhill - Basinger
Whidden, Andrew Jackson - Ft. Meade
Whidden - Bennett - Virginia **
Whidden, James Lawrence - Old Elam 2007
Whidden, James W. Jr. - Old Elam 2007
Whidden, Mary Ann Taylor - Old Elam 2007
Whidden, Spicey Underhill - Ft. Meade
Willingham, Annie - Basinger
Willingham, William H. - Ft. Meade
Willingham, William W. - Ft. Meade
Wright, Abner and Emma - Basinger
Wright, Mathew, Mark and Luke - Basinger

* Photo taken by Bobbie Wilson.
** Photo by Ken Murphy
All others by William LaMartin.