Cattle, Oranges & Other Things



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These photos were taken between 1974 and 2000. More will be added as time permits.

Cattle in Pens
Cattle in Pens 2
Bailing Hay
Cut Hay
The Hay Wagon
Horses on a Pond
Doctoring a Cow
Giving a Bull His Medicine
Spraying Weed Killer on the Hay Field
Orange Tree
Tagged Orange Trees - to separate early oranges from late ones
Bales Before the Pick-up Crew Arrives
Hay Crew 1988
Ready to Bale
New Fence on the Edge of a Hammock
Mowing Block 2
The Fence Builder
Mild Freeze January 1990
Major Freeze Block 1 December 1981 - Photo taken several weeks later
Major Freeze Block 2 December 1981 - Photo taken several weeks later
Stubborn Cow - She didn't want to take her medicine
Open area on the East side
Packing a Corner Post
Bull Problem
Throwing a Bale
Passing Tractors
The Vet
Cow at Rest
Mowing with the old tractor
A mowed field
The main road
A little worm medicine
Waiting in line
Getting ready to toss a bale
Hay Pickup
Transporting the cattle squeeze
Tub of oranges - 720 pounds
Picking equipment trailer
Goat loaded with oranges
Unloading oranges from the goat
Two calves in 1965
Young Brahma Bull in 1965
Pasture looking NW in 1965
Dry Pond with ash trees in background in 1965
Cypress knees on edge of dry pond 1965
Goat Controls
Small House
A Very Dead Cow
Rubber tree squeezing a palm tree
Bailer and partially baled field
Partially filled hay barn
Marden SL7 Chopper
Cattails surrounding opening in dry pond
Small cypress tree
Hollow tree
Fence problems
Tropical Soda Apple -- an unwelcome visitor

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