Some of the Creatures



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More photos will be added as time permits.  However, I don't have too many animal photos since photographing animals takes time and patience--something I don't have while working. It is much easier to photograph a flower than a rabbit.

A bird looking for lunch
A small owl keeping vigil
Sand Hill Cranes showing off
A Gobbler in the Front Grove
Turkeys in a Grove
Wasp Nest
Cattle Egrets and Hay Bales
Snake in an Orange Tree
Birds on a Pond
Eggs in a Turkey's Nest
A Turkey Hen and Gobbler going under a fence
Small Black Snake
Sand Hill Crane on nest
Sand Hill Crane taking notice of intruder
Sand Hill Crane standing and beginning to attempt to lead intruder away from nest
Bees in a tree - about 30 feet up
Hog following a cow
Butterfly #2
Bee Hive
Sand Hill Crane egg deserted by parents
Sand Hill Crane on pond
Sand Hill Crane displaying
Small Pig with grapefruit

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