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Large Multi-Level Images & Maps

Instructions:  When viewing these images, you may zoom in or out by using a mouse wheel. Alternatively, to zoom in, left-click and to zoom out, shift-left-click.  (Sometimes a double-click is required.) To move the image, left-click, hold and drag.

About the Maps:  Each of these Maps came from the Library of Congress as a MrSid file (multi-resolution seamless image database requiring a MrSid viewer. I first converted each file to a TIF image format (some in excess of 100 MB in size). These TIFF files were then converted to either JPG or PNG image files of much smaller size (The Manhattan JPG image was the largest at 27 MB.) Finally to allow you to zoom in and out, each of these latter files was converted to a Microsoft Deep Zoom Composer Silverlight Visual Studio project.  Thus you will need the Microsoft Silverlight browser plug-in, the download of which you will be prompted if necessary. Unfortunately Internet Explorer is currently the only browser that supporst Silverelight. So, using Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, for example,will not allow the display of the items below.

The panoramas were created as described.


Additional Maps not from the Library of Congress (but probably also in the Library of Congress)


Planar And Rotating Panoramas

360 Panoramas

Pivot Collections