Hyde Park Flowers

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1 Butterfly on a sunflower
2 Small garden on Boulevard
3 Confederate jasmine on Boulevard
4 Day lily on Inman
5 White angel trumpet on Inman
6 Fall leavs in Hyde Park
7 Roses at Inman and Edison
8 Queen Palm bloom on Inman
9 Yellow roses at Inman and Edison
10 Yellow day lillies on Inman
11 Pink oleander on Morrison
12 White oleander on Morrison
13 Pretty flowers on Watrous
14 Lavender flower on vine
15 Lavender Trumpet vine in Bayshore and Boulevard alley
16 Holyhocks on Boulevard
17 Yellow Cassia in Bayshore and Boulevard alley
18 Colorful plants on Newport
19 Flowers on Boulevard
20 Lantana on Bayshore
21 Beautiful yard on Bayshore with geraniums in the forefront
22 Poor man's orchid on Bayshore
23 Gardenia
24 Bougainvillea in Boulevard Edison alley
25 Bee on Blue Violet in the Boulevard and Edison alley
26 Bee on Blue Violet in the Boulevard and Edison alley
27 Dianthus plumarius - Garden Pink
28 Orange blossoms and bee on Newport
29 Surinam Cherry in Boulevard/Edison Alley
30 Yellow Day Lilies on Edison at Inman
31 Pink hibiscus on Inman near Oregon
32 Flowers on Dakota
33 Palmettos with bloom on Dakota
34 Red Hibiscus
35 Flamingo Flower on Dakota
36 Yellow Hibiscus on Rome
37 Coral vine
38 Pansies and other annuals on Bayshore
39 Bananas in the Boulevard and Edison alley
40 Coleus on Boulevard
41 Trumpet Creeper in Boulevard and Edison Alley
42 Turk's Cap Mallow in the Boulevard and Edison Alley
43 Elephant ear bloom
44 Flower on vine in the Boulevard and Edison Alley
45 Mexican Petunia
46 Hibiscus
47 Glory Bower on Boulevard
48 Plumbago
49 Gloroisa Lily on Boulevard
50 Gerber Daisies on Edison
51 Yellow Rose on Edison
52 Agapanthus on Boulevard
53 Spanish Bayonet in Fielding and Boulevard Alley
54 Thrallis (Shower of Gold) on Inman
55 Sago Palm bloom on Bayshore
56 Plumeria Alba on Edison
57 Easter Lilies on Edison
58 Bee on red flower of jatropha bush
59 Tropical Milkweed
60 Bougainvillea in alley
61 Madagascar periwinkle
62 Bleeding Hearts
63 Rain Lily
64 Colorful Ti plants on Rome
65 Plumeria on Rome
66 Angel's Trumpets on Oregon
67 Trumpet Honeysuckle in Bayshore backyard
68 Canna lily
69 Firespike
70 Lantana and small palm on Bayshore
71 Colorful Ti plants and crotons behind iron fence on Bayshore
72 Crown of thorns on Boulevard
73 Water lilies in pond on Inman
74 Interesting flower in the Delaware Newport alley
75 Green mangos in the Edison Delaware alley
76 Society Garlic
77 Magnolia bloom
78 Queen Palm in bloom
79 A group of birds of paradise on Bayshore
80 Palm with ripe fruit on Bayshore
81 Red berries
82 White mandevilla flower on Boulevard
83 Bee on yellow milkweed on Boulevard
84 Bottle brush on Morrison
85 Water lilly on Inman
86 Wild flowers in vacant lot on Bayshore
87 Butterfly on star cluster flowers on Inman
88 A collection of small flowers
89 Caladiums
90 Night Blooming Cereus on Inman
91 Night Blooming Cereus on Inman - detail
92 Bee on wild flower on Bayshore
93 Bromeliads on Boulevrd
94 White Crape Myrtle on Newport
95 Purple Morning Glory in Boulevard backyard
96 Butterfly on milkweed flower in Boulevard backyard
97 Plumeria
98 Bee on bromeliad bloom
99 Mexican Pricklypoppy
100 Peace Lily on Boulevard
101 A jumble of flowers on Dakota
102 Water lily on Inamn
103 Balsam Apple on Boulevard fence
104 Yellow Shrimp Plant
105 Turnera ulmifolia
106 Passion Flower
107 Kalanchoe in the Boulevard Fielding alley
108 Mandevilla in the Delaware Newport Alley
109 Butterfly on pink star cluster flowers
110 Allamanda on Inman
111 Celosia Red Feather
112 Persimmon on Inman
113 Poor Man's Orchid on Bayshore
114 Amaryllis on Bayshore
115 Squash flower on Bayshore
116 Crown of Thorns on Bayshore
117 Various flowers on Bayshore
118 Orange blossoms on Newport
119 Oranges on Newport
120 White Bird of Paradise
121 Papayas on Bayshore
122 Gladiola in vacant Bayshore lot
123 Butterfly on lantana on Bayshore
124 Bird in birdbath and flowers in backyard
125 Sea Grap;es on Swann
126 Bougainville on Edison
127 Small fruit on Delaware
128 Coconut tree on Morrison
129 South African yellow flowering tree on Bayshore
130 Bleeding Hearts on Edison
131 Grapefruit on Ridhardson Pl
132 Coleus on Watrous
133 Small Pomegranate on Orlenas
134 Tibouchina– Princess Flower on Watrous
135 Snapdragons on Boulevard
136 Mass of flowers on Boulevard
137 Impatients on Morrison
138 African Iris on Delaware
139 Yellow Daisies on Bayshore
140 Cactus with flower in Bayshore yard
141 Ripe Mulberry in Bayshore yard
142 Nepal Trumpet Flower on Watrous
143 Gloriosa Lily on Boulevard
144 Moss Rose
145 Royal Poinciana in Boulevard Edison Alley
146 Caladiums and other plants in Bayshoreo backyard
147 Figs in Bayshore backyard
148 Urn with Tropical Orange Heliconia on Edison
149 Jacaranda in full flower in Bayshore Alley
150 Scrufy Zamia with fruit on Bayshore
151 Grapes in Bayshore and Boulevard Alley
152 Thistle on Morrison
153 Spanish needle on Morrision
154 Marigolds on Delaware
155 Small statue in the marigolds on Delaware
156 Lilies on Boulevard
157 Pelican Flower on Inman
158 Schefflera on Boulevard
159 Magnolia bud on Boulevard
160 Bird of Paradise on Boulevard
161 Tall grass on Inman
162 Tangerines in Edison/Delaware alley
163 Croton on Delaware
164 Water Lily in Delaware backyard
165 Insect on pink flower on Bayshore
166 Silk Floss tree on Bayshore
167 Star fruit on Morrison
168 Wisteria in Bayshore yard
169 Crape Myrtle bloom through window
170 Sunflowers on Bayshore
171 Golden-Rain Tree with bees
172 Bagworm Moth Cocoon on white rose
173 Flowers on Edison
174 Hawk observing Fall leavs in Hyde Park